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We just lost the greatest scientist ever lived in the 21st century, it’s really a big loss to science, he always inspired me to read about complex concepts in physics.

It’s not about his disability, many people already managed to cope with theirs, it’s about his mind, his attitude, vision…

You know about cryptocurrencies, but what about NFTs?

You know NFTs are all the rage right now. Maybe you even know that “NFT” stands for Non-Fungible Token. But, do you know what a Non-Fungible Token is?

What Is an NFT?

Non-Fungible Tokens are a direct product of the blockchain explosion. No matter how intimately…

A brief introduction to Data Storytelling, Design Thinking, and how together they can help you tell better data stories.

What is Data Storytelling?

Data Storytelling is the process of using your data analysis findings to create a compelling story, with the goal of helping your audience make sense of the data and act upon it. This is often done with help of a series of linked data visualizations.

Data stories are almost everywhere…

Mohd Mehraj

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